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5 Crazy Myths About Demolition That Definitely Aren’t True

When you say the word demolition, everybody immediately gets an image in their head of wrecking balls and controlled explosions. While those images definitely have some basis in reality, the fact remains that demolition is about a lot more than simple destruction. Here are five crazy myths about demolition that definitely aren’t true.

Demolition is Dangerous

This is probably one of the most commonly held beliefs when it comes to demolition and it simply isn’t true, demolition is no more dangerous than any other part of the construction sector, and in many ways, is actually safer. Because of the destructive and risky nature of elements of the demolition process, massive care is taken to prevent accidents and mitigate risks. This means that demolition is typically safer than many other aspects of construction.

Anyone Can Demolish a Structure

It might look simple, knocking down a building, but the reality couldn’t be further from the that. The fact is, safely and reliably demolishing targeted structures with no damage to surrounding areas requires precision, skill, and experience, not to mention specialist equipment. The reality is that many demolition techniques carry big risks while being the best approach for the job, and that’s why the specialists are always the ones to go to. Not anyone can just pick up a sledgehammer and start knocking down buildings, that’s a recipe for disaster.


Demolition is Chaotic

Another crazy myth about demolition is that it’s chaotic. This stems from the many videos out there of controlled implosions or explosions, as well as the classic images of wrecking balls in action. While destruction is always going to look chaotic, the risky nature of many demolition techniques requires that the whole approach be carefully planned and executing, making sure that only the targeted structures are demolished, in exactly the right order and timeframe. That chaotic look is all an illusion, professional demolition is a well-oiled, precision operation.

Demolition is Bad for the Environment

While there are older demolition techniques and approaches that can release debris and toxins into the environment, these are primarily avoided in favor of greener techniques. Many demolition contractors utilize recycling techniques that allow them to reuse parts of structures and avoid waste and landfill. Any demolition contractor worth their salt knows a huge range of building materials in and out, enabling them to gauge the safest and most environmentally friendly approach to demolition.

Demolition Destroys Historic Structures

Many demolition contractors work with other specialist firms in order to restore historic buildings, and careful, selective demolition can actually be a big part of restoring historic structures. It’s not our fault someone decided to put a cheap extension on a historic building twenty years ago, but we sure can carefully and effectively remove that extension, leaving the historic property whole and ready for renovation! It all comes down to finding a great, skilled and proven demolition contractor that you can trust to handle the job.


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