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At US Industrial, we pride ourselves on delivering on the promises we make - which is providing expert, professional, and reliable demolition service you can trust. Luckily, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to travel far and wide to find the right team for your project - we’ve got it covered. To help ease you through the process of finding the right demolition team in your city, here is a list of the most frequently asked questions.

Demolition in Chicago

Does US Industrial offer demolition services near me?

Although our head office is based in Chicago, we have been able to deliver quality demolition services to areas such as Elk Grove Village, Addison, Cook County, DuPage County, Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, Bedford Park, and Cicero. We don’t play hard to get, which is why we come to you - wherever you are! Whether you require demolition services, removal services, or industrial decontamination services, we travel to where you are and ensure that we are fully equipped with all the necessary tools, machinery, and safety measures. Are you on the lookout for demolition services near you? We cover where you want us, no matter the location!

How long will a demolition project take?

The turnaround time for a demolition completely depends on each project. Before starting the demolition, your project manager will guide you through the timeline, which will take into account the size of the building, external factors like the placement and surroundings of the building, as well as your personal timeline. Contact us to discuss your demolition requirements and we can give you a better time estimation for your project.

Do you remove all materials after the demolition?

Absolutely! Our team of skilled and qualified demolition and removal experts, industry experience, and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to recycle and process all materials left as a result of the demolition. We also ensure that all hazardous materials are treated with full compliance with all governing legislation. Alternatively, if you’re only looking for a removal company, browse our removal services here for more info:

At US Industrial, we don’t believe in jobs half-done, and that includes ensuring that you are fully briefed about the ins and outs of your demolition project. That’s why we pride ourselves on going the extra mile and supporting you every step of the journey! Do you have any questions that are still left unanswered? Get in touch with us here and let’s chat!


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