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Why we don’t recommend doing demolition by yourself

How hard can it be, right? Surely there’s not a wrong way of breaking something down? As long as it’s removed, all is good, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, it can frequently happen that a DIY attempt goes awry when it’s already too late to do proper damage control. Here’s a closer look into why taking on a demolition or deconstruction project by yourself can sometimes do more harm than good.

You need all hands on deck

For a demolition to be successful, you’re going to need a team. A demolition requires the undivided attention of many individuals at the same time to ensure everything is carried out safely. Without enough eyes and ears, the demolition can’t be carried out effectively or effieciently.

You need to be aware of hidden hazardous materials

Some toxic materials are harder to spot than others. Hiring experts who know what to look out for and what to avoid will ensure that you don’t find any surprises under the floor or behind the walls. A professional demolition company is familiar with the safety precautions necessary for each project and could save you time and money in the long run.

You need to obtain special permits

When it comes to demolition, the last thing you’d want to worry about is paperwork. However, when it comes to as much as knocking down a wall, you’re probably going to need permission and a permit from local authorities. Starting a project without the right credentials is not a risk that is worth taking and could easily result in fines that would end up costing you much more than it would have hired professionals.

Are you ready to hire a demolition team but not sure how to navigate the process? We’ve got you covered! Take a look at our blog on TOP QUESTIONS YOU NEED TO ASK YOUR DEMOLITION TEAM BEFORE HIRING THEM here.

At US Industrial, we pride ourselves on being a demolition and removal service in Chicago that you can trust. Give us a call, we’d love to chat and see how our team can assist.


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