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Industrial removals; how do you relocate large scale plant and machinery?

Removals is one of our core industrial services; helping a diverse range of warehousing and factory based businesses to relocate or correctly dispose of waste and recycling. One of the biggest challenges for the service is moving large pieces of industrial plant machinery to a new location, some of which connects up to cover a huge floor space or even multiple rooms.

Sometimes this kind of factory and production line equipment has been constructed on site and never moved after that initial installation, and that means a totally unique and tailor-made solution has to be prepared for almost every project.

Preparing, rigging and packing for industrial plant removal

Preparation is everything in working out exactly how to dismantle, pack, move, and rebuild large and complex machinery. A detailed plan and risk assessment is put together, and our expert team also plan out the best way to rig and secure equipment to a suitable vehicle for the move, choosing from a range of trucks, trailers and low loaders.

With highly specialised and delicate equipment we work closely with your team to ensure minimised risk of damage or issues putting things back together at the new location; we have moved entire warehouses and factories of delicate equipment, industrial plant vehicles and parts, and manufacturing and production line machinery from a diverse range of industries.

We bring an experienced team of removals engineers to site on the day to start breaking everything down and preparing well labelled packaging such as wooden frameworks, crating, rigging and waterproofing to protect everything in transit.

For projects where the machinery is to be decommissioned, broken up for scrap or recycled, this breaking down process focuses on separating out material requiring recycling or specialist wast processing from general scrap.

The move and industrial machinery installation at your new site

Depending on what you're moving, a lot of planning needs to go into the journey taken to a new site so as to avoid low bridges or tight turns. A high, wide or long load can simply be impossible to move along certain routes and part of our service is finding an accessible and safe route for each specific load.

Once at a new location, everything is carefully unloaded and re-assembled following the plan and labelling from the break down at the original site, working closely with your own team to ensure everything fits into place and tests as fully functional.

Large scale industrial removals take years of expertise to see through smoothly, and we provide our service as a standalone, and as part of a larger project demolishing or decommissioning an old building or site. With a vast range of vehicles, loaders and rigging expertise, US Industrial Demolition provide an ideal partner for industrial and large scale removals and waste disposal of all kinds.


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