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Top five interesting facts you didn’t know about industrial demolition

So you reckon you know everything there is to know about industrial demolition? Why not put your knowledge to the test? Perhaps you’re new to the industry and curious about whether the stories you’ve heard are true. We’ve decided to look into the big and beautiful world of Industrial demolition and share our top five interesting facts that we’ve gathered over our years within the industry.

Demolition Facts

1. Pioneers in recycling

Demolition companies were some of the first companies to utilize recycling to improve their demolition projects and make them more cost-effective. Long before recycling became popular around the world, demolition companies were recycling their reusable materials.

2. Demolition contractors and preservationists make a dream team

This might sound contradictory, but hear us out. Demolition contractors have specialized knowledge of what they need to preserve a landmark. By utilizing their experience and knowledge of structures and dependable supporters, preservationists often seek the professional input and expertise of demolition companies.

3. Implosion Demolition accounts for less than 1% of all demolition projects

It’s not just about blowing things up. Titanic explosions may be the part of the job that’s frequently showcased in action movies, but in reality, it accounts for less than 1% of all demolition projects. Implosion demolition is rarely the preferred choice of action, due to the risk to surrounding buildings, it is only truly considered a viable option when it’s a large building with little to no surrounding structures.

4. Demolition doesn’t cost as much as you’d think

If you’re planning on re-building, demolition projects may often seem daunting, as you’ve yet to start the new building project. However, it’s important to note that often demolition only accounts for a small percentage of a new building’s costs. Although you may count it as an additional cost to your overall expenses, overall it is much more cost-effective once you include the safety, resources, and recycling ROI.

5. Recycling is paying off - literally

It pays to recycle, literally. It’s projected that 28,000 US jobs will be a direct result of the C&D Recycling Industry.

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