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Pre-demolition inspections and industrial decontamination services

Unexpected toxic, chemical and hazardous substances can be a big problem if they come up in a demolition, and make a huge impact on how the project can be carried out, how much time it will take, and the ultimate cost of doing that safely. Depending on local and regional laws it can be a legal requirement to have a pre-demolition inspection carried out, but even if your region doesn't require one, we often recommend it.

Without a professional pre-demolition inspection before tendering, it's easy to waste your time inviting bids from demolition companies who can't provide services like decontamination. Even companies that can provide the service will provide very inaccurate bids because they're unaware decontamination works will be required.

Inspections differ from pre-bid walkthroughs; an inspection will highlight the essential skills and services needed to be provided, so any invites to carry out a pre-bid walkthrough can be targeted at US demolitions companies with the right skill set. Saving time and ensuring all bids are comparable and accurate for the task at hand will save you money on the project, and result in much more accurate and well planned bids from industrial demolitions experts.

Planning demolitions with the Environmental Protection Agency

Expert and entirely unbiased inspections are carried out by the EPA, who can provide out a full site inspection and provide a detailed report. This will summarise the condition and size of the structure, materials and site, any environmental issues such as chemicals and other hazardous substances, and recommendations and requirements for any demolitions company that will carry out the job.

An added benefit is the clarity such a report provides everyone; if we're on a pre-bid walkthrough and notice the presence of asbestos, but it isn't mentioned in the tender, then should we quote for the removal? Or is someone else doing it? Or has no one noticed asbestos is there? Will anyone on site with us know the answers to these questions? If everything required is laid out in a clear inspection report, everyone knows what's needed, and who needs to provide it.

Decontaminating a building to the required standards before demolition can be a big job and is highly specialised; plant equipment, ducting, the buildings and the wider site itself can all require careful decontamination and cleaning works. This will include high pressure water jetting, secondary cleaning areas, careful containment, extensive PPE and safety processes for the team doing the work, and the safe transportation and disposal of pharmaceutical, radioactive and chemical contaminants.

Decontamination and demolition services for US industrial sites

At US Industrial Demolition we provide a comprehensive range of decontamination services alongside our demolitions work, so whatever the requirements of your property, the EPA, or a pre-demolition inspection, our team can deliver it at a competitive price, and to the highest quality standards.

Our works even include remediation of the soil at a site, which can easily be impacted by chemical leaks from faulty storage tanks or pipework over the lifetime of a building; it's essential for the site owner, prospective buyers, and the environment agency to have a true clean closure of a site which hasn't overlooked something that may cause problems for future development.

To learn more about pre-demolition inspections, the EPA, and our extensive range of professional decontamination and industrial and commercial demolition services, speak to us at any time.

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