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From an outside perspective, demolition can certainly look and feel like a risky, overwhelming, and scary process. No worries - we've got it covered! Each demolition comes with its amount of risks and safety precautions, however, at US Industrial, we pride ourselves on keeping the health and safety of our staff, clients, and the environment a top-grade priority. Here are a few ways we ensure we always put safety first and reduce the risks on each project.

We value communication and transparency

Before, during, and after the process, we stay dedicated to keeping our clients and team on the same page. We do this by guiding everyone through the exact choices being made, and why they are being made. We believe that being transparent and honest about the process and risks involved helps educate and protect everyone involved. If you have any concerns or questions about the demolition - we encourage speaking to your designated project manager who is dedicated to making sure we stay aligned with your plans, hopes, fears, and schedule.

Supervising the site

Once the demolition has begun, the contractors must manage and implement the safety concerns on the site. Regardless of how small the risk or how flawless the plan is, it’s important to always follow the necessary safety precautions. At US Industrial, we believe in preventative care, as opposed to damage control, which is why we keep our safety protocols mandatory for any person on the site at any time. This ensures that both contractors and passers-by are protected from any unfortunate accidents, such as walking beneath areas where debris may drop, where tripping and falling hazards are present, or around structures that are no longer fully supported and susceptible to collapse.

Trust and utilize our experience, knowledge, and expertise

We pride ourselves on our experienced team who are all exceptionally well-trained and dedicated to providing safe, reliable, and professional services. Each member of our team is responsible for the safety of those around them, which is why we do frequent check-ins, debriefs, and safety tests throughout the project.

Have any more questions about the safety procedures and potential risks of your current or future project? We’d love to help answer them. Connect with us here and one of our team members will guide you through any concerns.


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