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Toxic materials. When talking about construction, demolition, or renovation, chances are good that the topic has come up. Regardless if you're working with a demolition company, or whether you're considering doing it yourself - hazardous materials can be found in your building. Unfortunately, this isn’t something you can sweep underneath the metaphorical rug.

When it comes to demolition and deconstruction, both involve removing or breaking down current structures. However, are those existing materials safe to remove? There’s always more than meets the eye, and hazardous materials are often only found once it’s too late. At US Industrial, we take proactive steps to ensure every step of your demolition process is safe.

Some materials are considered more harmful than others. Luckily, at US Industrial, we know exactly where to look and how to remove all materials without posing a risk to anyone's safety.


Top 3 most common materials that are considered hazardous

Silica Dust

Silica is one of the most common toxic materials found on a demolition site. Silica dust forms when breaking, grinding, crushing, or blasting concrete or stones. If not properly managed it can easily become airborne particles and cause disease to your lungs and respiratory system known as silicosis.


Asbestos is another common material that is known to cause serious respiratory issues and lung problems, including Asbestosis, Mesothelioma, or lung cancer. Due to its toxicity, it is not recommended to build with Asbestos anymore, although it can still be found in many buildings and is one of the first things your demolition company will look out for.


Although vermiculite doesn’t rank the highest when it comes to hazardous materials, some vermiculite insulation can contain asbestos fibers, which can cause similar problems if you were to disturb this material and inhale asbestos. It is most commonly found in insulation and heat-protecting elements of a building.

Luckily, you don’t have to feel anxious about the proper management and removal of toxic materials. At US Industrial, we take great pride in ensuring that we professionally and safely remove any hazardous material so you can rest assured that your demolition project as well as the future of your property is safe and toxin-free.


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