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US Demolition Services - Common Risks Associated With Demolition Work

US Demolition Services

If you were to sit around with a group of friends and make a list of hazardous professions, the likelihood is that demolition work would feature. While it's true that there is a certain calculated risk involved working in the field of demolition, here at US Demolition Services, we are experts who fully understand and appreciate how to get the job done safely. One thing you can be sure of is that you are in safe and qualified hands whenever you work with our team. Just why can demolition jobs be so dangerous, though, and what common risks are associated with working in this sector?

Dust And Debris

Whether it's demolition, decommission, or deconstruction work, dust, and debris are going to be a fact of everyday working life. Aside from the fact that workers get dirty, this can also cause health issues, especially if dust and other particles are being regularly inhaled. Respiratory ailments can occur as well as conditions such as asthma exacerbated. Worse still, depending upon the materials being inhaled, a threat of serious conditions such as lung cancer exists. Dust can also cause irritation of the eyes as well as vision problems. To counteract these issues, breathing equipment, as well as protective eyewear, may be necessary.

Possible Hearing Damage

When you think about the potential damage caused on demolition sites, you most likely consider calling debris or mishandling of specialist equipment. While those are both undeniably a concern, one of the most common risks associated with demolition work is damage to hearing. Safe to say that many sites are incredibly noisy, dangerously so. Continued exposure to high decibels of sound can have a negative impact on worker hearing. To help combat potential hearing damage, professionals should also wear appropriate hearing protection. That might be either over-ear hearing protection or perhaps earplugs.

Working At Heights

You might frequently be required to have a head for heights! Some of the larger and more complex demolition projects we've worked on have required our team to work at dizzying heights, often in very tight spots too. Under which precarious conditions, rigorous safety measures are, of course, always in place. However, when you're working in a situation where railing, walls, and perhaps even floors are missing, the threat of mishap, such as falling, significantly increases. Preventative measures include outfitting personal with special harnesses, designed to keep them secure the unwelcome event of a fall.

Exposure To The Elements

Depending upon the locality of the project site and the time of year, demolition workers may face prolonged exposure to heat, sun, wind, rain, snow, sleet, storms, and hail. You name it. If Mother Nature creates it, a demotion worker is likely to be in its firing range at some point or another. Years of working in extreme weather conditions, both hot and cold, come with a variety of health issues. It's absolutely essential, therefore, to dress appropriately for the climate and conditions of the site to ensure adequate protection is provided.

Falling Debris

The risk of falling debris is likely to be an everyday occurrence, especially when in the throes of a full demolition project. Taking down any kind of structure requires planning and precision. Not only is there a risk of debris falling, but also other materials and even tools too, which can be deadly. To mitigate such risks, advanced safety protocols are put in place before each, and every job commences. Not only will have include full briefing of the regular crew on the potential hazards, but it will likely also necessitate bringing in skilled demolition and decommission practices to manage the safe onwards transference and removal of materials for subsequent disposal or recycling. Such protocol, in the case of US Industrial Demolition, will also include setting out the use of all protective equipment needed. Equipment is likely to involve hardhats, eye, and ear protection, specialized shoes, and boots, protective gloves as well as any other advanced safety equipment or clothing designed to keep workers safe. In the world of demolition sites, it certainly pays to be safe rather than sorry.

Safety Is Our Priority At US Industrial Demolition

Our experienced team of professionals at US Industrial Demolition respect their own, their colleagues, and your site's safety. Every aspect of the demolition process is well thought out, carefully planned, and executed. We ensure that proper safety measures are implemented to keep our staff safe, happy, and healthy and to reduce exposure to the typical risks associated with demolition work. In so doing, we're also able to ensure that all our team, whether third party contracted or directly employed, can 100% focus on delivering the best possible service to their clients.

If you're currently looking for a demolition or decommissioning company, get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you with a bespoke and fully integrated service plan. We provide fully comprehensive reporting as well as offering a wide range of professional custom-designed treatment plans for all sized projects. Our team is committed to delivering safe and successful projects across all sectors and locations within the heavy industry sectors.

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Dec 20, 2020

Working in Demolition can be a great rewarding career, but it can be dangerous. You should always work within your limits and always wear your safety gear.

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