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US Industrial Demolition - Essential Recommended Safety Gear For Demolition Specialists

Industrial Demolition

Even if you’ve carefully implemented a full set of safety protocols before commencing work on a new project site, there will always be a risk of injury. There are just so many variables when working on commercial demolition projects that personal safety is an absolute necessity and not something that should ever be overlooked. To lower the potential for dangerous or risky mishaps occurring here at US Industrial Demolition, we always ensure that our workers are fully kitted out with adequate safety equipment. Today we’re going to take a quick look at some essential pieces of safety gear you should find worn by demolition specialists on job sites around the world.

Adequate Heat Protection

It may well be the case that you have two ears, ears, hands, and feet, but you only ever have one head, and it needs to be protected! Your head is at risk of injury due to falling debris, equipment, or low hanging passageways. It’s therefore absolutely essential that protects headwear, be that a hard hat or a helmet, is worn on all demolition sites, no matter how long you intend staying. Typically, protective headwear is either made from hardened plastic or carbon fiber. These materials are specifically chosen because they’re lightweight, keep the head cool, and are also free of electrical conductivity. While you might not necessarily be a fan of their garish colors, this is a deliberate choice to ensure high visibility and not a fashion statement! Hardhats come in all kinds of shapes and sizes with everything available from the traditional looking construction worker hard hat to one that resembles a cowboy hat. Each to their own as they say. Be safe. Be seen.

Specialist Footwear

Even the most meticulously clean and tidy workers will struggle to keep a demolition site tidy at all times. Debris and material are likely to be lying around all over the place, meaning that it’s essential to have protective footwear to avoid injury. Metal, glass, cement, and wood can cause damage if they’re stood on without supportive shoes. Footwear needs to be comfortable and supportive, as well as providing the correct level of protection for your industry. There’s no one size or style fits all, and most demolition specialists will probably have a preferred make and model of boot that they enjoy wearing.

Protective Eyewear

Removing any structure is likely to cause dust and debris. Adequate eye protection is, therefore, an absolute must. Whether that’s a pair of specialized sunglasses, protective glass, or perhaps a pair of goggles. Be sure also to keep your valuable eye-sight protected.

Use A Protective Respirator

It’s not just the eyes that are vulnerable to dust and debris. So too are the channels of the nose, throat, mouth, and also the lungs. Inhaling even non-toxic materials can lead to respiratory ailments, so to avoid prolonged exposure to airborne elements, don’t take any risks with your heart and make sure you wear a protective filtering respirator.

Sturdy Work Gloves

At various times you might be required to operate heavy equipment, and a demolition worker's hands are an essential and invaluable appendage that should also be sufficiently protected. A sturdy pair of work gloves will keep hands protected against cuts and abrasions, as well as handling sharp and rough materials. Specialist demolition and working gloves should also feature an increased grip to help provide a more secure hold of tools and materials in slippy conditions.

Keeping safe is essential, and at US Industrial Demolition, our personnel takes their safety and that of their crew seriously. We always ensure that we follow the appropriate safety protocol and provide access to adequate protection for all workers on our demolition sites.

Please get in touch with us today to find out more about our fully integrated and highly versatile range of decontamination and decommissioning services.


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