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US Industrial Demolition - Providing Excellent Service to the Heavy Industries

US Industrial Demolition

Whatever task your company may face within the traditional heavy industries, US Industrial Demolition are on hand to assist.

Like the name suggests, there is a strong emphasis on the demolition side of the business, with some of their core services including Demolition, Remediation, Decommissioning, Dismantling, Strip-Outs & Removal.

However, US Industrial Demolition offer a lot more than that. Along with the aforementioned services, they are also experts in Decommissioning, Industrial Cleaning, Rigging, Machinery Moving, Asset & Investment Recovery.

With highly qualified experts in each service offered, US Industrial aim to deliver top quality service, whatever the task they have been set.

Why choose US Industrial Demolition?

Rapid: Some projects are time sensitive, so providing a quick and effective service can result in saving your company significant amounts on income, especially when it comes to emergency responses to contamination issues.

Adaptable: No matter the project, US Industrial Demolition can adapt and provide a customised service in order to cater for your needs.

Assured: During the planning, execution and review of all projects, US Industrial Demolition strive to comply to the highest of standards, reporting fully with complete biological and chemical indicators documenting a 6-log kill.

Efficient: US Industrial Demolition minimize time frames with their proficient team members using enhanced state-of-the-art equipment to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Integrated: Seamless integration with you existing set ups to ensure a smooth completion to your project.

Productivity: US Industrial Demolition extend their services far and beyond normal working hours, offering you their rapid, adaptable, assured, efficient and integrated services during weekends,

Holidays and off-peak hours to ensure you are back at optimum operational capacity as soon as possible.

US Industrial aim to help you maximize your returns on investments or, at the very least, offset the cost of your demolition project.

US Industrial work across an array of sectors, and the process involved in the decommissioning of Industrial, Chemical, petrochemical, Power or Nuclear Plants or Facilities require a detailed process including the surveying, planning and management of each project. You can expect a full cradle-to-grave service, in compliance with the regulatory standards.

No matter the job, US Industrial Demolition have the skills, the tools and the organizational prowess to bring each project to an exceptional conclusion.


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