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US Industrial Demolition - Top Characteristics A Successful Demolition Worker Needs To Have

US Industrial Demolition

If you’re considering a career in demolition and are currently wondering whether you have the necessary traits to succeed, we’re lifting the lid today on what’s involved. Here at US Industrial Demolition, all our team is highly qualified and experienced. Our teams are hardworking and professional, highly adaptable, adept at handling various sized projects, and always productive. Proficiency is key to our service offer. While they have unique and different personalities, there are a number of essential traits and attributes we always look for that are necessary to be a successful demolition professional.

Ability To Be A Team Player

Demolition is very much a team effort as opposed to a one-person band, and it’s normal to have extensive crews of professionals on-site at any one time. With some other skilled trades, one individual may have ownership and handle very specific tasks, but at US Industrial Demolition, it’s essential that our crew have all got each others back.

Demolition work itself doesn’t necessarily appeal to one particular personality type, so if you are considering employment in this field, it’s critical that you can work alongside people from all different backgrounds, ethnicities, and respect that they might have different strengths and weaknesses to you. As a collective crew, all the necessary skills can be assembled to accomplish all tasks successfully, so don’t ever be afraid to speak up and ask for advice if you’re working on an assignment for the first time.

Physical Capability And Co-Ordination

As much as you’re required to get on with people from all walks of life, you’re also going to need to be physically capable enough to withstand the rigors of the job. This isn’t an office-based job, and much like in the construction industry, you need to have a certain physicality along with co-ordination to complete very demanding tasks. That might be safely transporting heavy tools without causing injury to yourself or others, or having the dexterity to carry out detailed and precise tasks with strong attention to detail. Working outside when the weather is frequently inclement also requires a strong and robust physique and resilience to the elements as well as dirt and dust. You might be exposed for long periods of time, so the healthier and stronger you are, the better you’ll be able to perform your duties, and the more you’ll enjoy your career as a demolition professional.

Attention To Detail And Ability To Follow Precise Instructions

Not only do you need to pay close attention to all the finer details, but you also need to be able to listen and carry out detailed and differing instructions from one demolition site to the next. Each job is unique. That’s the beauty of the industry. While there are standard practices and protocols to be followed, each demolition job will be unique, with different approaches deployed and developed. In order to ensure success, it’s absolutely vital that the entire team can listen, comprehend, and action detailed instructions. Failure to take due notice, mishearing or misunderstanding information communicated, or just forgetting important details, can have potentially catastrophic results. At the very least, it can lead to careless and shoddy work and at the worse, endanger lives. So one of the key attributes that we look for here at US Industrial Demolition is for all our demolition workers to be detail-oriented.

Problem Solving Skills And Pro-Active Attitude

Don’t for one minute be hoodwinked into thinking that demolition work is all brawn and little brain! Quite the contrary. While it’s true that the work is labor-intensive, it does require a deeper level of understanding, problem-solving, and a keenly analytical brain. Demolition workers need to be constantly on the ball, thinking ahead and troubleshooting problems before they ever arise. Having the foresight and knowledge to nip issues in the bud early on into a project can prevent them from escalating out of control, which could be both costly, not to mention dangerous. Efficiency and reliability are also important, along with a discerning eye for the detail. A pro-active and responsive approach to demolition work can save time and money, while more importantly, also ensuring that everyone is kept safe.

Get In Touch With US Industrial Demolition Today

The demolition team at US Industrial Demolition, whether employed or contracted, always takes great care to ensure they deliver the best possible outcome on each and every project they’re a part of performing. We pride ourselves on the fact that our team of professionals has all the skills required to do an excellent job, in a fully collaborative, thoughtful, and efficient manner.

Get in touch with us today to find out how one of our fully integrated and adaptable decommissioning or decontamination services can work for you. You can trust our expert team to provide a swift and efficient set-up with fast turnaround times and convenient access and availability, even off-peak. We’re committed to ensuring you return to full operation as quickly as possible, even if that means our own team needs to work unsociable hours to accomplish that.

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